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[FIGHT THREAD] Jean Pascal vs Lucian Bute, Mike Perez vs George Takam + undercard & live round-by-round coverage

2014.01.19 01:19 noirargent [FIGHT THREAD] Jean Pascal vs Lucian Bute, Mike Perez vs George Takam + undercard & live round-by-round coverage

DATE: Saturday January 18, 2014
LOCATION: Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
TELEVISION: HBO (USA) Sky Sports (UK) Sport 1 (Hungary) Indigo PPV (Canada)
TIME: 10:15 PM EST, 7:15 PM PST, 2:15 AM GMT


12 rounds

NABF light heavyweight title

Jean Pascal vs Lucian Bute
28(17)-2-1 RECORD 31(24)-1
31 AGE 34
175 lbs WEIGHT 173 1/2 lbs
5'10 1/2" HEIGHT 6'1 1/2"
72" REACH 72"
orthodox STANCE southpaw
Laval, Quebec, Canada HOMETOWN Laval, Quebec, Canada
3(1)-1-1 LAST 5 4(2)-1


10 rounds

heavyweight division

Mike Perez vs George Takam
20(12)-0 RECORD 29(23)-1
28 AGE 33
231 1/4 lbs WEIGHT 256 1/4 lbs
6'1" HEIGHT 6'2 1/2"
southpaw STANCE orthodox
Cork, Ireland HOMETOWN Noisy-le-Grand, France
5(1)-0 LAST 5 5(4)-0


10 rounds

light heavyweight division

Eleider Alvarez vs Andrew Gardiner
13(8)-0 RECORD 10(6)-0
29 AGE 26
177 1/4 lbs WEIGHT 176 1/2 lbs


8 rounds

welterweight division

Mikael Zewski vs Krzysztof Szot
22(17)-0 RECORD 18(5)-10-1
24 AGE 35
147 1/2 lbs WEIGHT 147 1/4 lbs
Online Stream
BoxingGuru Solid quality
FirstRow for UK Varies
Live round-by-round coverage

Jean Pascal vs Lucian Bute

Lucian Bute making his way to the ring, decked in white with sparkly red, to a song that sounds like U2 to me. The Canadian crowd with a very inspiring reception for Bute. Jean Pascal makes his way to the ring now in blue with white. I believe the song is Ya'll Musta Forgot. The crowd is very mixed in it's reaction to Pascal. The crowd is chanting Bute as they come together in the center for the last time before the bell sounds.
Round 1
Bell sounds and Bute comes out with his signature jerky, stiff movement. Bute tries the jab to the body, holding his left glove up exaggeratedly high. Bute tries the straight right to the body. Another hard right to the body by Pascal, but he had to lunge forward and get off balance to land that one. I don't like that. Pascal with his hands very low. Bute goes for the left to the body, another right to the body by Pascal. Pascal, gloves down, has his feet spread very wide. Bute pops him with a jab. Pascal hits the body with the straight right again. Good jab by Bute catches Pascal trying to lean forward with that right to the body. Pascal now tries the jab upstairs and misses. He doesn't that time. Bute avoids the jab but gets hit to the body. Pascal misses a big right hook. Bute very uncomfortable looking trying to find the right distance as the round closes. Pascall threw the right to the body which was wise given Bute's given up the left hand so far to protect his chin.

Pascal 10-9

Round 2
Pascal looking to keep his lead hand on top of Bute's so he can bat down Bute's jab. Pascal with another right to the body, Bute with a left of his own to the body. Bute misses a couple of punches and they tie up. Pascal with a double jab lands the 2nd. Bute misses a left to the body. Pascal using a lot of foot feints. Pascal witha nice right to the body and he moves away right after nicely. Bute with a right hand, Pascal with a hard right hand and he thinks he hurt him! He's unloading, a right, a left. Bute eats a hard left. Bute drops his hands, he catches Pascal with a jab. Bute with a left to the body. Pascal making this very interesting.

Pascal 10-9, 20-18 Pascal

Round 3
Bute trying to stalk and come forward with the jab. He's lowered his left hand a bit. Pascal measuring with his lead left hand. Hard right to the body for Pascal. Bute lands a left hand, not hard. Nice surprise lead right from the crouched position by Pascal. Hard right hook by Pascal. Pascal looking to fight in skirmishes. Pascal trying to surprise Bute with the lunging right hand. It's working out very nicely. Hard counter right by Pascal. Bute lands the jab. Pascal just misses a home run right. Bute with a left uppercut and another left. Pascal resets. Bute letting his hands go a little better this round. Bute pushes Pascal. Hard left by Pascal. This was a close round.

Pascal 10-9, 30-27 Pascal

Round 4
Bute opens the 4th with a left to the body. Bute looks to have found his rhythm. His movement looks far more natural than before. Pascal misses a right and left hook. Pascal witha right to the chest. Good right to the body that Bute thinks was low by Pascal. Hard right left by Pascal. Pascal just misses a beautiful right hook. Hard right hook by Pascal and Bute puts his left glove back up. They trade lead hooks. Bute trying to get that left to the body in. Bute pops him with the jab. Pascal returns the favor. Pascal partially misses a right uppercut. Another right to the body by Pascal. Hard left hook by Pascal. Now body shots. Right hook by Pascal. Bute seems okay. Hard right to the body and right upstairs by Pascal. Bute thinks the body shots are low. Pascal wins this round big.

Pascal 10-9, 40-36 Pascal

Round 5
Bute tries the left to the body, now a jab. A lot of posturing in the center for the first minute. Pascal with a nice foot feint, but he doesn't capitalize on Bute's reaction. Bute blocks a jab. Bute with a jab. Nice double jab, but Bute counters with an uppercut. Nice hard right hook by Pascal that hits Bute's chest. They trade jabs, also uppercuts. Good jab by Pascal. Pascal hits Bute with about 4 right hooks as Bute held onto the left.

Bute 10-9, 49-46 Pascal

Round 6
Pascal measuring with the right, Bute jabs. Bute rushes forward and lands a left and a right and he's back on the outside. Bute moving around, bouncing, not throwing. Pascal with a jab. Pascal ducks a jab very nicely and showboats ever so slightly. Hard right to the body by Pascal. Bute didn't like it. I think he was hurt. Another right to the body by Pascal. Bute, back on the ropes, manages to pivot away and get back in the center. Bute's left to the body is blocked. Hard right hook by Pascal, Bute gets away. Nice lead right uppercut by Pascal. Hard right hand by Pascal. Bute pops Pascal with a jab. Another jab and Pascal rushes forward and throws punches. Bute lands a nice left hook at the bell.

Pascal 10-9, 59-55 Pascal

Round 7
Bute throws a 1-2. Pascal with a jab. Bute needs to start taking some risks. His offense is entirely too safe, I don't think he's gotten past the Froch KO. Bute eats a right by Pascal and immediately picks the left glove up again. Pascal blocks a left to the body by Bute. Hard right to the body, and then upstairs by Pascal. Pascal is banging away on Bute, Bute counters with 1 shots, eats another right and they both reset. Bute with a little jab. Pascal again to the body with his right hand. Pascal's movement is very nice in this fight.

Pascal 10-9, 69-64 Pascal

Round 8
Bute trying to jab, misses the straight left as Pascal ducks away. Left to the body by Bute. Bute counters Pascal's right to the body with a left hand. Bute jabs the body. Bute partially hits Pascal with the left. Bute holding the left up high, hard right hand to the chest pushes Bute back. Hard right counter from Pascal rocks Bute and Bute eats another right, slips to the ground. Pascal thought he knocked him down, might have been a knockdown but Bute doesn't look hurt. Pascal with a jab, now a hard left hook. Hard right to the body by Pascal. Bute doesn't appear to have anything behind his punches.

Pascal 10-9, 79-73 Pascal

Round 9
lol, Pascal forgot to come out with the mouthpiece in. Bute pointed and let him put him back in. Very nice. Bute lands a few jabs, maybe Pascal allowed him to score a little for his sportsmanship. Hard right to the body and a right upstairs by Pascal. Hard right hand upstairs by Bute and he slips the Bute counter very beautifully. Hard left hook set up by a right to the body. Roy Jones just accidentally called Max Mark. Bute lands a straight left. Bute misses the left hook. 1-2 from Bute, Pascal counters with the right, now a hard right hook. Pascal jabs, goes to the body, a right upstairs. Hard right to the body from Pascal, goes back to the chin and Pascal wins this round by a wipeout.

Pascal 10-9, 89-82 Pascal

Round 10
They trade jabs. Pascal with his hands by his waist. Bute coming forward trying to jab. Hard right and another right by Pascal. Headbutt by Bute as he was avoiding Pascal's onslaught. Bute looking to get in and do something but Pascal hits him with a hard right. Bute might be doing a little too much thinking in there. Pascal blocks a big left hook. Bute now bleeding from a headbutt, also has a very swollen left eye. Pascal eats a left hand. Pascal looks like he's not looking at Bute, hard right hand from Pascal.

Pascal 10-9, 99-91 Pascal

Round 11
Bute lands a solid left hand. Bute misses a left hook. Pascal blocks another left. Pascal misses a jab. Bute hits him with a left to the chest. Bute throws a couple of hard hooks, but they're blocked. Now he lands a good left hook that Pascal doesn't block. Hard jab from Pascal. Hard left from Bute. Pascal not throwing back, almost like he's letting him. Bute with a jab, and a left. Another jab. Pascal just standing still trying to counter big. He does, hard left and right, another left and right, to the body, left upstairs. Nice jab from Bute to end the round. Tough round to score. Pascal only fought for maybe 10 seconds in that round, but when he did he wiped the floor with Bute.

Bute 10-9, 108-101 Pascal

Round 12
Bute jabs, lands a left hand. Goes to the body with the left. Pascal in the corner. Pascal might be punched out. Bute with 3 hard left hands. And a right, now more left hands. Pascal eats a right uppercut. Good left hook from Bute. Pascal might be giving the fight away. A left and a right from Bute. Pascal pushes him off. Hard left hook from Pascal. Pascal turns him. Bute in the corner. Pascal with a hard right. He's measuring him. Body shots form Pascal. Hard left from Bute. Good jab from Bute. Bute stalking trying to score a dramatic comeback. Pascal with his hands down. He eats a jab and a hard left. Right hand counter form Pascal. Pascal eats a jab, throws a right to the body and jabs Bute off. The crowd yelling Bute. Hard right hand from Pascal. Good left to the body. Pascal eats a left clean to the chin. Pascal slips comes up swinging hard and the bell sounds. What a round!

Bute 10-9, 117-111 Pascal

Official ruling: Jean Pascal by UD (116-112, 117-110, 117-111)
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